Parish Missions

A Call to Reality Living

The media has put tons of television shows before us that are labeled "reality TV." Many of these shows are filled with drama, and some even create drama. But we know that not all of these shows are close to our reality.

In this mission, Mike helps people laugh, think and choose to re-examine life through the lens of the CALL to see our reality though the eves of a practical, vibrant everyday faith.

NIGHT 1: “Amazing Race” (Called to PRAYER)- Life has such a fast pace. The speed of it all can blind us to the “real presence” of God. Where is God in the busy-ness of life? How do we include God? We need to life an Amazing Race, or Amazing Grace? 

NIGHT 2: “Extreme Makeover” (Called to RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNITY ) - Often there are things that happen in our work, school and family relationships that feel like we need a fresh start, a “do-over”, a makeover. We will look at the call of God to each of us to make room, to make new...our relationship with God through the others with whom we share our lives.

NIGHT 3: “The Apprentice” (Called to SERVICE) - All of us are invited to grand adventure, something that gives meaning and purpose to life. We have a unique call to join in the life, work and mission of a loving God. Instead of hearing "you're fired" or being eliminated because we don't think we are good enough, we remember Jesus who asks us to follow him.

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